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Since 1990, STEXTUN is engaged in the development, manufacture and marketing of products for household hardware and specialized at Cleaning Kit, Telescopic Rod for Shower Curtain use, Telescopic Tool Handle for painting, cleaning, car cleaning, tent pillar.......etc and unique design of manipulating telescopic idea to create " Space Magician Series" for enhancing space utilization in the house. For years' endeavor, STEXTUN has been grown from a company of 7 employees to 70 employees and factory area is expanded from 1000M to 5000M now. Meanwhile, in order to increase the productivity efficiently, offer excellent quality and control material cost closely, we do not only introduce various automatic-processing equipments to our production extrusion, anodizing, powder coating treatment and plastic injection with other partners to from a vertical integration of production system. Such system provides us with the edges to compete in the business world by means of puncture delivery, value-added quality and good price satisfied by customers.


In addition to above-mentioned, we also established the Researched and Development Department (R & D) which is a long-term essential work does not only extend product life cycle to keep company's profitability at health situation but also create star products to guarantee company's future growth for perennial going. Besides, due to powerful CAD system and experienced engineer in R & D department. We, meanwhile, provide customers with the shortest lead-time for design task to turn customer's idea into physical product. On the other hand, considering the "Electronizing" of administration process in the office as a prevalent tend around the world, we already set up an dynamic and integrl, Management Information System to enforce the managing efficiency of various corporate functions,such as Finance/Accounting, Production Control, Human Resources Management, Import/Export Procedure,to prompt process of decision making and enhancing the agility of organization to respond to customer's demand as well as contingency of market evolution. Meanwhile, treating customers by our philosophy -Doing what we promised and better than the best will be the best warranty of making customers satisfied at all transactions furtherly.

Therefore, in virtue of comprehensive manufacturing capability and active organization momentum, constant research and optimization together with the market proximity pursued by the company will be our main thoughts to develop in the future.